Easy Hebrew Correspondence Course

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First Phase — Essentials of the Language

Study Themes and Learning Approach

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Unit Study Themes

Unit One — The Alphabet and Beginning to Read

Unit Two — Sharpening Reading Skills and Building Comprehension

Unit Three — Improving Comprehension and Using the Numbers

Unit Four — Working Toward Fluency and Reading Hebrew Scripture Verses

Unit Learning Approach

The study approach is incremental, broken down into palatable study segments. The individual text/workbooklets (Units) interrelate, though focusing on certain themes of study. The goal is to retain from Unit to Unit:

Unit One thoroughly acquaints you with the Hebrew alphabet. Clear, precise examples and exercises in small increments assure both accuracy and retention. You gain a little vocabulary with each increment and are "eased" into an enjoyable but thorough reading and writing regimen, actually reading words, short sentences and even short paragraphs before knowing the entire alphabet. Easy Hebrew eliminates the usual initial, boring memorization of all the letters at once, only to forget their shapes and sounds when starting to read. With Easy Hebrew's unique reading method, we also minimize faulty "guess-reading" (another problem with most Hebrew courses).

This Unit has proven to successfully impart to our students a much more solid foundation than other courses with which some have struggled through disappointedly. Not only reading and writing skills, the Unit also imparts spiritually enriching studies right from the start.

Unit Two acts as the bridge between the "foundation" and the more progressive Units that follow. Vocabulary progresses in a working manner, not just memorized. Reading skills improve. Light grammar is introduced. Writing also improves.

Units Three and Four thoroughly involve you with the language and its mindset. Humorous or heart-warming readings increase eagerness to read with comprehension. Vocabulary is accompanied by Important Notes about meanings or grammatical usage of certain words before reading them in context. You are also challenged to really know the words through in-book exercises and questions about them, and using them consistently in sentences. The focus is fluency and retention, with the addition of Hebrew Scripture verses and their mindset.

Well explained yet simplified grammar is given throughout by "theme," but to complement the vocabulary, not as a separate entity. The Spiritual quality and mindset of selected vocabulary words are studied throughout, toward understanding the Bible's and the people's mindset. You easily read and understand the basic wording of selected Scripture verses. As their deeper or original Hebraic mindset is hinted at, you discover enriching truths — no guess-translation or Western interpretation. The Scripture studies progressively deepen with each Unit.

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