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Calling and Statement of Faith

We are called to impart a rich message in which intimacy with God is the goal, but awe must be the attitude. We teach the delicate balance of love and respect, which must both be present for the relationship to be pure and sincere.

Intimate Awe Ministries strives not only to promote this balance, but to present a complete, clear picture of our relationship with God as well as our part in the relationship. We do this by illuminating the Scriptures through the Hebrew language and the Hebraic mindset, both of which comprise the root of Christianity.

The basis of our Hebraic message includes the following elements of faith:

  • God, through his servants, laid out the truth about Himself, and man's responsibility toward that truth, in the Scriptures.
  • Through Adam's sin, all men sin and are, therefore, separated from God.
  • A reconciliation was preordained through atonement of sin by the shedding of blood.
  • Yeshua (Jesus the Christ), God's only begotten Son, born of a virgin Jewess, was the preordained Lamb (Messiah) spoken of in the Old Testament.
  • Though sinless, Messiah was crucified by and for both Jew and Gentile, rose from the dead, ascended back to the Father, and will soon return.
  • Repenting, believing in and following Christ is the means of reconciliation with the Father.
  • Yeshua, upon leaving the earth, sent the Holy Spirit to indwell and guide the believer. Therefore, along with heaven-bound salvation, an active personal relationship with God is provided for the believer in order to learn to walk on earth in accordance with God's righteous ways. Yielding to continual perfecting and inner change is thus central and essential to the relationship between the believer and God.
  • Every believer has a preordained purpose to fulfill in God. Therefore, no believer is truly and completely at peace until he yields to God in every aspect of his life and is used of Him for His purposes.

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