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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Please explain how your program works: How is it set up? How long does it take to complete the course? How much time should I spend per day/week?
A. Follow this link to: Course Overview

Q. Do I need to purchase anything else?
A. The course is self-contained and self-explanatory. We recommend that you do not purchase a Hebrew-English dictionary or Hebrew Bible until you have completed the First Phase and are ready to begin the second. When that time comes in your studies we will make the necessary recommendations depending upon your goals.

Q. Will I be able to read or study in the Hebrew Bible when I am finished with the course?
A. The course was created with exactly this in mind. Though no one can teach you to read the entire Old Testament, especially not in a short time, Easy Hebrew takes you a long way into various books of the Bible. The trouble with most Hebrew courses is that they limit your reading ability to the narratives — the easiest to understand — so when you try to tackle the Prophets or Psalms, for instance, you are lost. In this course you acquire a well-rounded knowledge of Hebrew, and are provided with tools specific to Bible-reading and study, such as research and dictionary skills; recognizing the intended meaning with certain word orders in sentences as well as root, tense and verb-form clues that are not found in the average reference books. All these tools are clear and understandable, staying away from the intimidating jargon of Biblical Hebrew courses. It must be said, however, that in order to acquire all the tools here mentioned, the Second Phase must be included in your studies.

Q. My main goal is to travel to Israel and speak the language. Is Easy Hebrew for me?
A. Absolutely. The course is based on conversational "modern" Hebrew. The stories in the "Readings" have to do with everyday life. The pronunciation is Israeli, which is closer to that of Biblical times, as opposed to the Europeanized pronunciation generally used in the U.S. and elsewhere outside of Israel.

Q. Is your course geared toward a certain philosophical and doctrinal point of view?
A. First and foremost, Easy Hebrew is a language course.

However, within the context of the language, you will learn the mindset behind many everyday Hebrew words that will also give you a deeper understanding of the same words in Scripture. At the same time you will gain a new appreciation for the people's mindset as well as the spirituality of the language.

While the word studies do reflect the author's understanding of the Scriptures, with a thrust toward deeper relationship with God, no matter what your doctrinal view, it should enhance and enrich what you already know and, perhaps, give you a new dimension in knowing God and the Bible. You will find the word studies uplifting and thought-provoking.

Within the context of the Scriptures, you will learn the Hebrew mindset behind specific word choices, word orders and the like. Hence, you will see the Hebraic message as seen by the author of the course. ("Hebraic" is not necessarily Judaic as we know it today). The course is written from a general Christian viewpoint with no particular denominational or doctrinal stance; it simply revives the lost Hebraic roots of Christianity.

Q. I am a very busy person. Can I choose my own study schedule?
A. Yes! Easy Hebrew was designed with busy people in mind. The course is structured yet flexible. The formula for success is to be as persistent and consistent as possible. We encourage you to find a study schedule that works for you and stick to it as your time allows. Yet we understand when unforeseen circumstances deter you occasionally.

Q. I took a year (or two) in seminary. / I have studied Hebrew on my own. Which phase is for me?
A. The First Phase. The Second Phase is actually a continuation, not a second course. With the same approach as the First Phase, it delves deeper into both the language and the spiritual mindset. It is in the First Phase that you are introduced to, and steered toward, the mindset in many ways. Precious word studies begin almost from the first page. These you would not want to miss out on. Besides, a basic "brush up" is always the best way to begin a new approach to the language. Among other things you would be lost in terms of terminology and study methods that refer back to the First Phase. Students who have already studied some Hebrew have reported that they do, indeed, gain enough from the First Phase to make it well worth the effort.

Another reason to begin with the First Phase is that our writing program is excellent, teaching proper letter formation in both print and script. This foundation must be well established before beginning the Second Phase, especially since, throughout the course, we require all written work to be completed in Hebrew script.

Second Phase prerequisite: Easy Hebrew — First Phase

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