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  • How the Program Works and What You Can Expect
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    How the Program Works and What You Can Expect

    Easy Hebrew comprises individual text/workbooklets of study called, Units. Each of the four Unit booklets comes with its own audio CD on which every vocabulary list is pronounced twice, and each little "story" is read slowly enough to understand. On each CD you will also hear helpful study tips and brief instruction other than in the printed Unit. The instructor speaks to you as if your own tutor. Within the lessons of the Units it is clearly indicated when and where to turn on the CD. Even each lesson is sub-divided into lesson segments, conducive to daily (or per-session) study. Both the printed material and audio are thorough but friendly.

    At the end of each lesson you send in a brief quiz sheet that shows your instructor how you are progressing and whether you understand the material. The quiz is corrected (not graded), and personalized suggestions, study tips or assignments are made if needed. The quiz is then returned to you within the next few days.

    You may send your Quizzes and Exams to us as scanned email attachments, or using the postal service. (Further instructions and policies are included in the course materials.)

    Based on the suggestions, comments or other communication on each lesson quiz, you adjust, correct and practice any weak areas. Then at the end of four lessons, which is the completion of a text/workbooklet (Unit), you turn in a brief unit exam for grading. The quiz sheets serve not only as indication of your progress, but also as part of preparation for the exam.

    The course material is very self-explanatory and self-contained. However, if there is still a question, you may mail in one of the question-forms provided or email/ phone. We do everything possible to help you learn and retain the material.

    Many students are able to and enjoy writing single or multiple-sentence messages to the instructor in Hebrew along with their quiz sheets within a few weeks! In short, there is a real person behind the course who is committed to helping you know Hebrew well enough to reach your goals.

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    Time Provision and Study Pace

    The study schedule is both structured and flexible. Easy Hebrew is designed to be completed between six months and twelve months, depending on the pace you choose. We are committed to helping you succeed and are available to you for up to twelve months for each Phase of the two-phase course. If, for some reason, you need additional time to complete a phase of the course, you may apply for a time extension. A $25 per six-month extension fee is required to retain active student status beyond the initial twelve-month period.

    We recommend that you set aside a minimum of one hour a day or five to seven hours per week, throughout several days. This is better than long hours with large gaps between study sessions. If a sudden change in study schedule is temporarily needed, your instructor can recommend creative ways to retain the material.

    For further information follow this link to: First Phase — Essentials of the Language

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